The Gift Voucher can be used in any of our tastings any time of the year.
You can choose the amount of price that you want to pay and we prepare the rest. Depending on the cost it can be used towards one or more wine tasting events.
We put the details with, the name and the price on the voucher and after the successful payment, we send the voucher by email.
Important: We do not provide refunds for gift vouchers.
Payment methods:
  • Bank transfer Account name - Emmanouil Glavinas Account number: IBAN LU94 0019 5355 3133 9000


  • By DigiCash by scanning the QR Code.

Fill in Information

  • Fill the form with all the details about the voucher.

  • You can pay the amount of money for the voucher with 2 ways.

  • After the successful payment we will prepare and send the voucher.

  • You will receive a confirmation email when the voucher is delivered.

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