Emmanouil Glavinas was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. After moving to his family's village in Imathia, Greece wine started to evolve in his life. After completing his studies as a construction technician he started working and getting to know more about wine and its special world. First as a junior Sommelier and after more as a viticulturist in his family's vineyard. For him: “The journey from the vineyard to the wine glass and the transformation of the grape's juice into an alcoholic beverage is a magic world that everybody must discover.”

Started his studies from the online course of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in the field of ''Viticulture and Oenology: Production, availability and consumption of wine'' in 2014 until recently completing his WSET Level 3 in Wines in 2018, Emmanouil passed from different parts of the wine industry and he further extended his studies and experience in the wine world.

One of the best experiences was of course moving in Luxembourg and working in Remich in Caves St. Remy - Desom, in one of the most unique terroir and next to one of the best winemakers in Luxembourg, Marc Desom.

Today Emmanouil started a new chapter in his wine career, before starting his WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines, as a wines and spirits advisor, and also as a member of the Luxembourg Association of Sommeliers. This involves wine sales, wine education and wine consultancy.

Emmanouil with his energetic and strong personality is hopping to introduce as more people as he can in the wine world, from how to describe and choose a wine to how to pair it and enjoy it depending in the occasion and the place.

After completing with success a series of wine tastings, with Greek and international wines, in the tasting room of Caves St. Remy - Desom in Remich Emmanouil is now starting a group of wine tasting events for everyone in the city of Luxembourg.


From a small dark bunch of grapes at the vineyard to the winery's bottle and to your wine glass, Vitis Vinifera is where everything starts to offer you pleasure, happiness and enjoyment.


Either if it is a tasting event, a family dinner or just a night out for a glass of wine, knowing which wine, how to drink it and with which food to enjoy it is not an easy choice. But if you follow some basic steps and rules you can create an experience that you will remember it for a life. Wine comes from different grapes, in different colors, regions and packages. Taste and aromas can be from simple to really complex. Price or label is not always the best way to choose a bottle of wine.


So having the right knowledge can make your choice easy and interesting.


The Club is a way to bring people that love and enjoy but mostly want to learn and explore more about wine together. In an excellent atmosphere for tasting wine, with like-minded people is the perfect way to escape after your work and take some wine knowledge while also tasting wine.

By explaining how to correct describe, decode and speak about wine will help you understanding more about which, how and why you may like or not a wine. But we will not stay there. You will get more information on how to choose a bottle of wine for the right occasion, pairing with the right meal and in a reasonable price and quality. Like this you will be able to know how to really enjoy wine tasting.

So through different events, meals and trips we will enjoy and explore together the fascinating world of wine as an ''Équipe du Vin''.

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